Rural Living

Environmental and Family Benefits

Homesteaders who choose rural living have some distinct advantages over their urban counterparts. This lifestyle can be incredibly rewarding while helping followers save a great deal of money through simple-life living.

While the homesteading movement isn’t just for those who enjoy rural living, country dwellers do tend to have some distinct advantages over their city-dwelling counterparts. Fully embracing this distinct lifestyle is a bit easier in rural settings.

The homesteading movement is simply a back-to-the-basics lifestyle. Homesteaders don’t necessarily frown on modern conveniences, they just prefer to stand on their own to provide for themselves and their families. In doing so, they reduce their environmental impacts and living expenses.

Rural homesteaders have some built-in advantages due to their setting. In rural areas it's simply easier to incorporate many homesteading principles into everyday living.

The Perks of Farming

While it’s not always the case, rural homesteaders are more likely to have a reasonable amount of land to provide room for farming. Growing vegetables and other sustenance crops is a very big prong in this simple life movement.

Homesteaders may still require store-bought goods, but they try to reduce the need for and the expenses related to grocery shopping as much as possible.

Rural settings lend themselves better to farming not only because of space availability, but also because of:

  • Zoning – Agricultural crops are simply more welcomed in rural settings. So are farm animals, which many homesteaders prefer to raise on their own.
  • Sunlight – Urban settings can provide a challenge in regard to availability of sunlight. Big buildings don’t block backyard gardens in rural settings.

Going Off The Grid

Homesteaders often try to go off the grid as much as possible. While this might not mean they forego electricity and its benefits entirely, they might attempt to create a self-sustaining home with solar and/or wind power.

Rural settings simply provide more room for harvesting power in this manner. Plus, they also tend to rely on water wells, which is another option homesteaders prefer.

Benefits of Family Living

Homesteading requires a lot of dedication on the part of all family members. It's truly an effort that benefits from teamwork.

The rural setting often lends itself to this lifestyle more by reducing the distractions that can get in the way of working a farm or pulling together to enjoy a simple life that’s rich in other ways.

Families in rural areas often find it easier to learn to rely on each other for sustenance, entertainment and pure enjoyment of life.

Homesteaders often find the rural living makes more sense for this particular life path. While urban dwellers can still embrace this lifestyle, rural families tend to face fewer obstacles.

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