Essential Homesteading Supplies

Homesteading Supplies

Basic Necessities Range from
Highly Modern to Amazingly Retro

As the old fashioned lifestyle regains popularity, the need for homesteading supplies is on the rise. Those who are interested in embracing this movement will find the basic necessities for this lifestyle range from highly modern to amazingly retro.

The types of supplies homesteaders might require will depend a lot on personal living circumstances. Urban homesteaders, for example, are likely to require a slightly different toolset than their rural counterparts.

Supplies for homesteading can cover a number of basics. From items for inside the home to those for farming and beyond, the key is simplicity coupled with sustainability.

Supplies for the Home

The basic tenant of homesteading involves sustainability. This means avoiding the use of products that call for electricity when possible. It also means foregoing products and purchases that are disposable.

Look for these items when selecting products for a homestead:

  • Self-powered items, that draw little electricity or require no power at all, such as hand can openers, stove-top coffee pots and so on.
  • Items designed for durability and sustainability.
  • Items meant to help save and preserve foods
  • Items that lessen reliance on disposable goods

Basic living supplies tend to be mostly the same for homesteaders in rural and urban settings. The ultimate guide for interior purchases involves lessening costs, carbon footprint and waste.

Utility Supplies

While some homesteaders do go completely off the grid and forgo any replacements for power, not all choose this path. Many, however, seek out ways to reduce or eliminate their reliance on fossil fuels. To do so, they may require special supplies such as:

  • Solar power systems
  • Wind power generators
  • Fireplaces for heating

In addition to electrical supplies, many homesteaders also opt for other less-than-conventional utility options. They may use wells instead of city water, or satellite for internet access rather than hardwired cable systems, especially in rural areas.

Homesteaders who build from the ground up will have a lot of freedom to choose their path in regard to utilities, urban dwellers may be more restricted. Even if you have a reliance on electricity, urban homesteaders can still embrace the lifestyle in many other aspects of their life.

Outside Supplies

Homesteaders often grow their own foods using an organic, old fashion approach in as much as possible. With this in mind, the types of supplies required to grow your own food include:

  • Composting supplies
  • Other organic fertilizers
  • Seeds and or seedlings
  • Human or animal powered farm implements such as plows, mowers and hoes

Both rural and urban homesteaders can take part in growing their own foods. Urban homesteaders may have to be more creative about how they do so and the supplies they use.

Homesteading supplies range from full solar power systems to simple hand-crank can openers. The thread that binds this lifestyle is a true desire to reduce costs, waste and environmental impacts.

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