Homesteading is Simple Living

Homesteading is Cheap Living in a More
Family and Environmentally Friendly Setting

During America's expansion days in the late 1800s, homesteading was a way earning property through sweat equity. While modern-day home-steaders don't necessarily enjoy the benefits of free property in exchange for working the land, they reap very similar rewards. Today, it's all about simple living.

By living off the grid, creating a sustainable existence and going back to the basics, today's home-steaders gain the benefits of cheap living in a setting that is more family and environmentally friendly.

There is no strict formula for homesteading today, but there are some key components that many who follow the trend attempt to incorporate into their lifestyles. From the housing selected to the working of the land and an overall sense of self-reliance, simple living enthusiasts are working to enjoy a simpler, less expensive and less harmful existence.

About Location

Embracing the home-steading lifestyle doesn't mean having to move into a rural area. Many simple living enthusiasts, in fact, scrape out their existence in highly urbanized areas. Regardless of where they go, simple living enthusiasts generally make attempts to:

  • Keep their homes environmentally friendly – they may or may not choose to have electricity, for example. If they do, they'ill work to ensure their domiciles are as self-reliant as possible. They might use solar or wind power instead of technically being on the grid. Other measures to reduce a domicile's carbon footprint will also be taken, such as using rain barrels or cisterns to collect rain water for irrigation purposes.

  • Keep their homes affordable – smallholding isn't just about reducing impacts on the environment, it's also a way of enjoying cheap living. To this end, many enthusiasts build and/or buy affordable homes.

About the Land

Like home-steading in days gone by, many of today's modern pioneers do try to sustain their own existence through farming their own foods and raising their own animals. Working the land might be as simple as having a small vegetable garden in an urban backyard or as complex as planting crops during every growing season to reduce or eliminate the need to visit a grocery store.

Those who fully embrace the movement may also take such measures as:

  • Using only organic growing methods

  • Creating their own compost

  • Reducing or eliminating their buying habits in stores

  • Canning and preserving the foods they grow for sustenance outside of harvest season(s)

About the Family

While it doesn't necessarily result in isolation from society, many homesteaders do prefer to use the lifestyle to strengthen family bonds. The very act of smallholding can assist on this front by putting a family in a situation where members learn to work together to create the desired lifestyle.

Because many simple living advocates do prefer to live off the grid in rural locations, it's not uncommon for children of all ages to be home schooled. Families may also learn to rely on each other for everything from bringing the crops in to entertainment and more.

Hearkening back to days gone by, modern homesteading is simple living. In many cases today, however, it's a personal choice that families embrace to reduce their living costs, their impacts on the environment and their reliance on modern conveniences and distractions.

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